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Integration courses(A1-B1)

B2 Professional Language Course (B2)

German as a Secondary Language (A1-B2)


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German courses in Hürth
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German courses in Brühl & Wesseling
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German courses in Pulheim, Professional Language Courses
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You have questions concerning german courses?

You can come to Brühl without an appointment to the following times:

Monday, Thursday, Friday 09:00-12:00

Tuesday 14:00-16:00

New integration courses begin on a regular basis. Depending on the result of your placement test you may join a course that's already ongoing. If you wish to take part in an integration course, counseling and a placement test are mandatory.  

We offer counseling and placement tests on these dates:

  • Monday, 13:30-16:30 Uhr, Jugendzentrum, Bonnstr. 105 in Hürth
  • Tuesday, 09:00-12:00 Uhr, Bildungszentrum, Bonnerstr. 46 in Wesseling
  • Wednesday, 09:30-12:00 Uhr, VHS am Bahnhof, Steinstr. 6 in Pulheim
  • Thursday, 13:30-16:00 Uhr, VHS-Haus, An der Synagoge 2 in Brühl

For precise information regarding the appointments, please do not hesitate to call us. Counseling and placement tests will be for free. Please schedule an appointment:

  02232 94507-0

We need the following documents:

  • passport / residence permit
  • „Verpflichtungsschein“ or „Berechtigungsschein“ that you’ll receive from
  • Document stating that you receive financial support from Jobcenter

Integration courses

Integration courses enable you to intensively learn the german language. Its duration ranges from 600 to 900 hours, depending on whether you participate in a general integration course (600) or a so called alpha course (900), teaching you how to read and write with the latin alphabet. After finishing these lessons, 100 hours are added to deal with german culture and politics. This course is called orientation course.

The integration courses prepare participants for the „Deutschtest für Zuwanderer“ (DTZ). Either the A2 or B1 certificate can be obtained. Technically everyone who wants to learn german can participate.

Under certain conditions you can be obliged or allowed to participate by the Ausländerbehörde, Jobcenter oder Sozialamt. You then receive a „Berechtigungsschein“ or a „Verpflichtungsschein“ that will either lower the cost or make the „Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge“ (BAMF) pay for your course.

Every module (=100 hours) costs 285€. The lowered fee (with „Berechtigungsschein“ / „Verpflichtungsschein“) is 229€ per module.

For citizens of the EU or people from other countries who are interested and reside in Germany for quite some time already, a „Berechtigungsschein“ can be requested directly from the Bundesamt.
We’ll gladly help you with that request. It is really important that the „Berechtigungsschein“ is in your possession before the beginning of your course at the VHS.

Integration courses begin on a regular basis and take place 4-5 mornings a week. Some locations also offer courses in the evening. Free counseling and a placement test are obligatory, so that we can find a course that fits your needs. You’ll receive all the information about time and place in your counceling.

Professional Language Course (B2)

After reaching level B1 you’ll be able to take part in a B2 Professional Language Course. Following the integration course, your German language proficiency can be improved that way. This course comprises of 500 hours and takes place 5 mornings a week. In the end you will take the „Deutsch-Test für den Beruf B2 (DTB)“ through which you’ll receive the B2 certificate, given that you pass it.
To take part in this course you need to possess an attestation of German language proficiency equal to the B1 level and a „Berechtigungsschein“ that’ll usually allow you to take part in this course for free.
You can get this „Berechtigungsschein“ at the Jobcenter or the Agentur für Arbeit.
Feel free to call us, so that we can help you with the paper work and can find a course that fits your needs in one of our counceling sessions.

German as a Secondary Language

Besides integration courses we also offer „Deutsch als Zweitsprache (DaZ)“ courses taking place two evenigs a week. Like this you can learn German part time while working during the day. We offer levels A1 to B2. Here you can find all of our courses. Before enrolling it is recommended to take a free placement test online:


Throughout the semester there will be multiple occasions to take language and citizenship tests:


  • Deutschtest für Zuwanderer A2-B1 (DTZ)
  • Deutsch-Test für den Beruf B2 (DTB)
  • Einbürgerungstest

Feel free to call us!

Christine Gratt-Weimann

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